Safety Part: 2

July 16, 2020

Feeling safe all the time is not the goal. The goal is to learn to discern whether you are safe or not in the moment. Once you have discerned you are safe, then the goal is to feel safe.
It is hard to feel safe when we are not sure we are protected.
Right now, we all need to be protecting ourselves and everyone else. That means paying attention to our surroundings, wearing masks, and maintaining a safe 6 foot distance from others. This is not always easy to do, and tensions may rise between people with ease.
Specific protocols, using EMDR, help us to discern whether we are safe or not, and once we have noticed we are safe, EMDR can help us feel safe in the moment, allowing our bodies, emotions and minds to calm down and relax.
When we are relaxed, we are most able to take in our surroundings and make the best choices in the moment, which allow us to protect ourselves and others.
Looking around, taking in your surroundings, using your senses, and noticing if you are in a place where you are physically safe, is a sound starting point.
Remember safety is about physical safely. We can feel safe and be sad. We can feel safe and be mad or even scared.
We hope you feel safe and protected, and we look forward to helping you learn these protocols some day.