We love training therapists in EMDR Therapy!

July 20, 2020

About an hour ago we completed the approval for  EMDR Certification for three magnificent therapists. EMDR is a powerful therapy, and over these past years we believe we have figured out how to help therapists competently master the protocols of EMDR. As we were congratulating them, here is some feedback we received from them [in paraphrase]:

  • “after working with Partners in EMDR Therapy, I am taking all of the practical steps I learned form Basic Training, and putting all of the pieces together. I feel confident and excited about offering EMDR to my clients”
  • ” I fell confident; I trust the model, and I trust the process…it makes me feel like I am conducting EMDR Therapy¬† completely”
  • “I understand case conceptualization and how significant that is, especially for complex clients. I now have a template, I know where to start”

If you are a therapist who is interested in being trained or certified in EMDR, we would love with you. Over the next few posts, we will elaborate on how we can help you.